"Four in the Morning Part II"

An update on the curious twists my life--and my inbox--took after my original "Four in the Morning" TEDTalk went online.

"Ironic Iconic America"

This is the "Love and Sex" section of the TV special I hosted with Bar Refaeli.

"Four in the Morning"

My TEDTalk on the most uncanny hour of the day. Keep the references coming--I collect them.


This is the commercial I filmed in Lisbon for Orange Telecom Europe.


Final day of my first TED Conference. Midway through the poem (starting with "Short explanation--hippie parents"), I give the mockingbird treatment to 18 of the previous days' speakers, including Matt Groening, Burt Rutan, and Al Gore.


This clip is from the Season 4 premiere of HBO's Def Poetry Jam, my second appearance on the show.

"Op Talk"

Live at the Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas. This was the dressing room I inadvertently trashed.


This clip is from the Season 3 premiere of HBO's Def Poetry Jam, my first appearance on the show.

National Poetry Slam

Current TV followed me at NPS in Albuquerque.
(Three parts, 3 minutes each.)

Live at The Nuyorican

Click here for selections from a set with my brother, recorded at The Nuyorican Poets Cafe, New York City.

Live at Tourettes Without Regrets

Click here for selections from my set at Tourettes Without Regrets, Oakland, California. (Thanks to bedbug for sending this in.)

Live at The Musicians Institute

Click here for selections from my set at The Musicians Institute, recorded way-back-when in Hollywood, California.


From Da Poetry Lounge in Hollywood, Ca. The audio/video on this clip is pretty weak, but it's fun to watch the stuff that beatboxer Joshua Silverstein comes up with on the fly.


I like this track because you can hear Nuyorican Poets Cafe founder Miguel Algarin shouting from the bar (which he did all night).