30 January 2006

What do me, Al Gore, Peter Gabriel, the guys who invented Google, a Nobel prize winning geneticist, and an African Grey parrot all have in common?

If you said “amyl nitrate,” you are correct. Other acceptable answers include:

1. “Abs of steel.”
2. “Mia Farrow.”
3. “The 2006 TED conference.”

Go ahead and click on the icon below for the four-day conference roster. And just out of curiosity: who in that lineup do you think gets their freak on the hardest? My money’s with either “Penelope Boston: Cave and karst researcher” or “Jim Crupi: Military Leader Strategist.” You can click on anybody’s pic for their link, but don’t click on mine: it’ll take you back here and an infinite—whatchamacallit?—an infinite tautology.
rives, TED conference, poems–it’s all here

29 January 2006

A few readers have requested a transcript of the (long-ass) story I read at Taylor Mali’s DVD release party last week. If that’s you, it’s here.

27 January 2006

Two spoken word documentaries are due out in ‘06

I’ve had a chance to see them both. And now you have a chance to compare for yourself. Click below for the trailer to:

That’s me under the voice-over “poetry is beautiful and love” (GO ON NOW!) and then “National Poetry Slam” (TELL IT!).

And click below for the trailer to:

I’m not in this trailer, but considering that the movie follows two teams (Austin and Bar 13, NYC) as they try to win the 2004 National Poetry Slam in St. Louis…look for me particularly at the end.

20 January 2006

My jacket has a hole in the pocket for my camera

The 6 train at Astor Place.

In a Station of the Metro

The A train between Port Authority and Penn Station.

“The apparition of these faces in the crowd;

The 6 train at 51st.

…petals on a wet, black bough.” —Ezra Pound

16 January 2006

Back by wildly popular demand:

I am pleased to announce that the film maker “Anonymous” has sent me another shopliftwindchimes cinema exclusive (scroll down to December 12 for Anonymous’ first effort, THE ITCH).

Like THE ITCH, the new film, THAT’LL TEACH YOU, was shot on stop-motion webcam and stars…a potato. This film, however, has more sophisticated special effects and an almost Herzog-like final pathos. (Total running time: 2 minutes 16 seconds/7.6 MB.)

No, Anonymous is not me. I wish.