29 January 2007

ATTENTION BOSTON: Next Wednesday, February 7, I will be featuring at one of poetry’s coolest joints, The Cantab Lounge.

Earlier that afternoon I will be performing at the closing session of the Hewlett-Packard 2007 Sales Kickoff . It’s a private event, so you can’t come.

But: can you imagine going to both events in one day? Me neither.

26 January 2007
Bellagio Green Room
The Sequel

I had the same dressing room as last October (click HERE for that pic). So now I think I’m cool because I remembered the security code (1881–the year Vincenzo Perugia was born). I don’t know what act I was following, but the pegleg in the foreground was made for a significantly shorter matey (I’m a size 33 long).

24 January 2007

19 January 2007

Best use of paper, 2006:

First Place: Adam Bizanski for the Shins.

18 January 2007

Best use of paper, 2006:

Second Place: Peter Callesen.

17 January 2007

Best use of paper, 2006:

Third Place: Yuken Teruya.

14 January 2007

This Wednesday, January 17, I will be performing a 10-minute set at the fun and eclectic WYSIWYG Talent Show in New York City. I’m not doing poetry—I’m planning another slide show presentation, either a new installment of the Videos My Stalker Sends Me series (which some of you are familiar with from the hack-only section of this website), or a new one: Four! What is it Good For?, which was sponsored by insomnia.

06 January 2007

Google has just launched its Patent Search feature
so now you can easily answer the question:

What do me, Michael Jackson, Abraham Lincoln and Eddie Van Halen all have in common?

03 January 2007

Town Square, high noon,
Lynchburg, Tennessee—January 1, 2007


Your 50-second video tour includes a glimpse of the Barrel Shop, Lynchburg Pharmacy, The Ice Cream Shoppe, a pizza place, a wooden cigar store Indian, the bandstand, the old brick county jail, The Tennessee Walking Horse Museum and the Iron Kettle Restaurant (try the okra).