20 January 2011

Sylmar, California

Visiting Dad at work.

15 January 2011

Lake Tahoe, California

13 January 2011

Pasadena, California

This was fingerpainted by a CalTech undergrad and I particularly like it. There's me on the right, with blue hair and a kite. I'm standing next to my speculative girlfriend, who appears to have either butterfly wings or colossal purple boobs. On the left we have a couple of purple mockingbirds (or maybe a mockingbird couple--I should've asked) hovering over the undergrad herself, who is separated from me (and my physically astonishing girlfriend) by the curvature of the earth and an equation describing it, lamenting it or praising it--the artist was a bit shy on this point. Thanks S.

12 January 2011

Pasadena, California

Setting up for TEDxCalTech, Richard Feynman's Vision: The Next 50 Years. Has anyone else watched Insane Clown Posse's "Miracles" ("Fuckin' magnets--how do they work?") back-to-back with Feynman's film "Fun to Imagine: Magnets"? Anyway, best rehearsal ever? Easily Ondar.