24 February 2008

Denver, Colorado

16 February 2008

Yup—I’m going back for the mindblow. The 2008 TED Conference starts in ten days, and if you’d like a notion of what some of the fuss is about, just click the logo and then hit View the interactive TED 2008 Conference Program for the lineup. This year I’ll be performing live via satellite in Aspen, Colorado, with a crazy team that includes Ze Frank, Jill Sobule, Julia Sweeney and The Raspyni Brothers. We’re supposed to do some sort of final day wrap-up, but I figure we’ll all just hang around the hotel lobby, trying to think of anything that could possibly sound more pretentious than “live via satellite"…


09 February 2008

Tijuana, Mexico

08 February 2008

San Diego, California

06 February 2008