Leap Day 2012

Cabezon, California

This joint has all-night pie and two colossal concrete dinosaurs. It wasn't my first choice but the group trespass I promised to an oasis...didn't transpire.

26 February 2012

Palm Springs, California

For the next week at TEDActive it's: a little sleep, little sleep and then nooooo sleep. There's something else but I can't remember.

20 February 2012
San Francisco, California

This is where you are spit out onto the dirt at the spit-out end of the Seward Mini Park slides. Does a piece of cardboard help? Of course. How about throwing sand on the slide? That too. Will I skin my knuckles at some point? Mmmmmhmmm.

18 February 2012

China Camp, California

12 February 2012

8 February 2012

Ogdensburg, New York

This is the asylum where Audrey Munson spent the last 65 years of her life. The building is abandoned, striking and yeah, a little spooky when the windchimes under the upper middle arch get to tinkling.

6 February 2012

Syracuse, New York

The Erie Canal used to cut right though downtown Syracuse (also know as "Salt City"). Nowadays the canal has been filled in and an ice rink occupies Clinton Square in wintertime. Which means you can ice skate right where a 19th century security guard probably kicked you out for ice skating.

2 February 2012

Tourettes Without Regrets set list