31 March 2007

Everybody’s…very happy.

29 March 2007

27 March 2007


Backstage at the Statue of Liberty.

19 March 2007

ATTENTION LOS ANGELES: On April 1 (no foolin’), I will be featuring at Spoken Funk for my first hometown gig since relocating to another shire. So take the “?” out of your emails to me, get in your car, drive down to Sunset, and don’t be shy when you get there.


14 March 2007

Somewhere else in California


Good news: forest. Bad news: spelling is hard.

13 March 2007

Somewhere in California


Good news: hot tub. Bad news: danger.

08 March 2007

TED, Day 2


Paul Simon’s playlist.

07 March 2007

TED, Day -1


Sushi at the aquarium.

05 March 2007

I will be back for my fourth season on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam this Friday night. Click the link for local listings, or request Episode 14 from HBO On Demand, starting…yesterday, I think. If you don’t have cable, keep your eye on the shopliftwindchimes video section for a post in the reasonably near future.


04 March 2007


On the basis of this website (and out of the blue), I have been asked to create and teach a class this summer at the International Center of Photography. The class, Creativity 2.0, will be August 4 & 5, 11 & 12, and by then I’ll still be wildly unqualified to teach it.

“Look,” I’ll tell my students, “You can take a picture of whatever you want, but you should always be ready for a three-legged dog to pass into the frame. That’s called happenstance, and it really can’t be taught.

“But,” I’ll continue, “You should also wait around, however long it takes, and even if it’s pretty frikking cold outside, to get the three-legged dog coming back in the other direction. That’s called journalism.”