23 March 2009
From the in-box

Hey! My name is A____ and my sister, A____ is a huge fan! She is a student at the University of Michigan and she loves your work. She randomly speaks in "Op talk" and even recites your poems from memory, its a little fun :)

Anyway her birthday is March 23rd and for her 21 birthday, I thought it would be amazing if you could kindly email her or call her or whatever you see fit! Thank You very much for your time!

PS. I have also attached a "rives-replica" that my sister and her friends made a year ago in their dorm

13 March 2009

Roosevelt Island, NYC (mouseover)


8 March 2009
New Rochelle, New York

The cottage hours are whitewashed on this sign because the whole place is undergoing renovation. But the door is unlocked, so there you go. Revolutionary cannonballs are lying about, and some musket parts; a reproduction of the Declaration of Independence on the wall, a wax dummy of Master Paine in the corner.

Upstairs, if you go upstairs, you'll surprise the curator at his table top, a Native American diorama spread out before him like a perfect, miniature and very sparsely inhabited putting green.

3 March 2009

Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC