29 April 2013


Lot 59 of the 19th Century European paintings auction at Christie's was a watercolor...of kitties. The auctioneer seemed a bit bemused by vintage lolcats in the lineup but he brought the gavel down at $65,000, with a smile.

26 April 2013

The Bronx, New York

If you've ever eaten seafood in New York City, chances are it passed through the Fulton Fish Market in Hunts Point--"the world's largest food distribution center." I recommend a visit, maybe around 03:00, walk-ins welcome: two bucks to browse.

25 April 2013

Baltimore, Maryland

I've written before about the practice of putting pennies on grave sites. Ben Franklin's in Philadelphia, PA, makes sense because of his "A penny saved is a penny earned" quote. And Daniel Chester French's tombstone in Concord, MA, is covered in face-down pennies because he sculpted the Lincoln memorial featured on the coin's reverse. But pennies on John Wilkes Booth's grave? I still can't decide if it's tacky or defiant.

24 April 2013
Ellicott City, Maryland

Spot-on Mr. McGregor's garden behind the Howard County Library. Congrats to all the teen poets (well--and a twelve-year-old or two) who nabbed prizes in the Write Now poetry contest. I didn't have any favorites but...yes I did. The poet with the killer eye contact. And the other poet with the killer eye contact. And the other, other poet with the killer eye contact...

23 April 2013
Columbia, Maryland

Howard Community College enforced National Poem in Your Pocket Day five days late but Shakespeare's birthday/death day is a pretty appropriate alternative. "Poetry Police" patrolled the campus, handing out poems (some of them mine) and doling out lollipops as a reward for compliance. I did find a flyer with an excerpt from my piece "Compliment" in a trash can but that's what I get for looking there for a scrap to write my set list on.

22 April 2013

5 April 2013