25 May 2007

Back home for a few days

24 May 2007

If a tent can be said to have a ceiling, this is mine

22 May 2007

Mt. Tamalpais

16 May 2007
Wildcat Camp,
Point Reyes, California

14 May 2007
Coast Camp,
Point Reyes, California

12 May 2007

About to go camping, Napa

11 May 2007

A banana slug (sped up) crawls off the edge of a porch in Napa Valley, California

10 May 2007

A gopher snake crawls into the world’s largest petrified tree (with a shadow of the fence around it) in the Petrified Forest, Calistoga, California

08 May 2007


01 May 2007

April Search Terms

Here are my 14 favorite Search Terms That Users Typed Into Search Engines, According To My Stats Page, To Wind Up At My Site, Whether They Wanted To Or Not:

14. “how to hack shopliftwindchimes”
13. “falutin definition”
12. “turtle tongue”
11. “tina turner thunderdome cutout”
10. “remember the hot biscuits”
9. “reptiland”
8. “nekst door niki”
7. “manhattan bridge hobo”
6. “tatterdemalion in a sentence”
5. “rives poet wife”
4. “define thundering apoplexy”
3. “longest slug”
2. “go done get forgot”

and my favorite-of-the-month search term:

1. “french kissing the babysitter”