20 May 2008

I had the wrap-up spot in the final session of Google Zeitgeist 2008, and I made three videos for it. Many of my interviewees were fellow speakers, including former Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland, Brazilian superstar Gilberto Gil, and the Ninja from askaninja.com.

Also making appearances were doorman Terry, Kenyan barrista Joe, and three giggling tweens. The young ladies were flown in from their various countries because they are all power users of Stardoll.com and they were given a chance to meet Stardoll's founder, Mattias "manually not that often" Mischke.

19 May 2008
London, England

Highlights of my stay at The Grove included this freshly-lacquered bench on a faraway putting green, and the inexplicable mirror beneath it.

18 May 2008
London, England

Highlights of the Google Europe Gala Dinner included the enormous moon and...the other enormous moon.

15 May 2008

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