30 May 2010

This is the view down 42nd Street from the Tudor City bridge at sunset on the twice-a-year phenomenon known as Manhattanhenge. If you missed it your next chance is July 12.

29 May 2010
From the in-box

well, i notice (OF COURSE) that some people are inspired by ur work so they make art about it....well i did 2. im not the most origional person lol, but i hope u like it.


17 May 2010

From the in-box


Hey! I was inspired by that email you posted of the picture of your poems to make my own version, except it is an animation i did on photoshop. Enjoy!


[I'm guessing J is referring to my March 29 post below, and maybe March 4 as well. J's animated take is clever--mouseover the image above for an idea or much better yet, hit J's blog for the full piece.]

9 May 2010

4 May 2010
College Park, Maryland

Easily the most charming alumnus statue I've seen yet, and I've seen a few. Good for you, University of Maryland.

4 May 2010
Washington D.C.

Twenty-two sandstone columns were removed from the former East Portico of the White House and erected in a field at the National Arboretum of the United States and this is the first I've heard of it? I just assumed the main attraction the National Grove of State Trees.