28 June 2006

I’ve been invited to perform at the TASTE3 conference in Napa Valley next month, which should send my street cred on both coasts right through the roof.

The Taste3 conference, as I understand it, is a sort of invitation-only Rock/Paper/Scissors tournament for rich people. Two contestants face off with their hands behind their backs and a corkscrew, a paintbrush, and a fork (or runcible spoon) tucked in their waistbands. At the count of three (“Trois!”), each presents his or her implement: Fork (or Runcible Spoon) beats Corkscrew, Corkscrew beats Paintbrush, and Paintbrush beats Fork (or Runcible Spoon).

I expect to make it seriously far in the tournament; I’m young, my reflexes are quick, I have a killer instinct, and I pretty much cheat a lot. I even took a self-portrait in front of a meager refrigerator for my publicity photo in the TASTE3 program. I figure my opponent will be thinking something like: “This kid is hungry—here comes the Fork (or Runcible Spoon)!” Or maybe something like: “Writer, eh? Well, here comes the ole Paintbrush!”

But my opponent will be wrong, very wrong: I’ll throw Corkscrew.

18 June 2006

Some readers may recall my blog entry last October 15 about the squirrel house I constructed from…stuff I found on the sidewalk (click here and scroll down for the full post).

I gave the box to my friends Dmitri and Marlene as a wedding gift, they bolted it onto their 6th-floor fire escape, and nothing happened the whole winter long.

But then with the springtime came this squirrel…

She keeps nuts on the top level (the “pantry"), and has constructed a kick-ass nest on the bottom level out of newspapers and cardboard. She is magic and anti-social. Her attention span appears unsophisticated. No one can swear she doesn’t whistle.

I dropped by the other day, filmed the varmint, and made you a stirring little movie (w/ audio) right here.

11 June 2006

One year exactly in The Big Apple



05 June 2006

Sleepy Hollow, New York

Park bench for couples of different leg length (man-woman, mother-child, etc.), or for individual sitters who have a slightly longer left leg.