23 June 2008

New York City

This is where we wrapped principal photography on a shoot that started June 1, back in Los Angeles. The room was tiny, our crew was mid-sized, and I wasn't in the scene anyway, so I opted to watch the action from the sidewalk, like a passerby gawking at a live and humongous storefront television set.

20 June 2008

This was my first time at the Jersey Shore. I stayed at the Starlux and got up early to experience the two phenomena a California nightowl may never quite get used to: the sun rising out of the ocean, and morning in general.

19 June 2008
Wildwoods, New Jersey

I was pretty disappointed that we rolled into town just a touch too late to catch the National Marbles Championship. I wanted to see the finals, because I'm a big fan of pre-teen heroes, but the serious charm happens afterwards. The traditional Marbles King and Marbles Queen kiss on the cheek has got to be the cutest peck in the nation, check it out.

18 June 2008

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

When I first wrote a Harley into the script, the legal people said no, for insurance reasons. When I wrote the Harley back into the script, the legal people made me take a physical, which consisted of gripping a doctor's index fingers as hard as I could for six seconds and then...that was the extent of the physical.

So I was happy enough driving this rented Softail over the Ben Franklin Bridge into Philly, and I was additionally happy to pull it up onto the sidewalk around the corner from one of my favorite national monuments. But I got patriotically, serendipitously happy when this renowned Benjamin Franklin impersonator happened to drive by, and pulled his car over (yeah--Ben rocks a station wagon) for an on-camera chat.

Turns out, the big news in this guy's life was that he was preparing to marry, on July 3rd, his fiancee---a Betsy Ross impersonator.

17 June 2008
Museum of Sex

This was our museum guide, and I'm assuming the red dress was her idea. Just over her shoulder is the Lap Juicer.

Hot dog stand

This is how many hot dogs we had to take a bite out of before we nailed the take. There were two of us, and one of us doesn't eat hot dogs.

The Center for Permanent Cosmetics

This permanent makeup artist tattooed her own eyebrows. She also gave a really savvy interview, but I kept getting a little hung up on the "permanently natural" phrasing from the pamphlets.

16 June 2008

New York City

The Top of the Rock scenario was that we couldn't start shooting until the Empire State Building's lights came on, but we would have to stop if the security guard saw lightning, heard thunder, or felt raindrops. So we stood around in a roped-off area, waiting on the atmosphere. I didn't mind a bit, because I was wearing a killer tux, and I'm particularly fond of evening time.

13 June 2008

Sleepy Hollow, New York

On the left is the Headless Horseman's horse. Turns out, he tows a pretty elaborate trailer. On the right are some items that the Headless Horseman needs to set down for a minute while he gets wired with a microphone. Turns out, the eeriness from inside his pumpkin comes from three glow-in-the-dark bracelets. Oh, and he gives a pretty good interview.

12 June 2008
New York City

Green Room for the New World Stages. Like a lot of Green Rooms, it was heavy on the Twizzlers, but light on the wireless.

9 June 2008

Revere, Massachusetts

I spent my tour of the NECCO factory stealing candy like crazy. I filched candy dough. I popped a couple of "Be Mine" conversation hearts, hot off the press, and I was happy. Imagine your elementary school cafeteria filled neck-deep with sweet, colorful candy hearts and then...well, just imagine it. I like the last photo best: that colossal bag of candy is about one skinny third grader short of a solid metric ton.

4 June 2008
Las Vegas, Nevada

This is the bowling alley in the deluxe suite of the Hard Rock Hotel. $10K a night. Shoes provided.

3 June 2008
Catalina, California

I had no idea the island was named for St. Catherine of Alexandria. I was there for the fauna.

2 June 2008
Venice Beach, California

Good to be back in the old neighborhood for a day, but since when do you need a permit to graffiti?