29 June 2010

From the in-box

Hi Rives, I'm a teacher from Melbourne, Australia. We have being doing a thematic study of Romance and Relationships and have used your 'Story of mixed emoticons' in our classes to help with this. The students had to produce a creative task using technology in response to the theme. My daughter attends the school and her response was inspired by your mixed emoticons story. Just thought you might like to know that you are inspiring people all over the world, --J

[J is referring to the emoticon piece that I performed at TED 2008. Incidentally, my piece always ends with a hot & sexy music cue ("Laid" by the band James) which TED didn't have the rights to so...they left it out. The result is much flatter than I like and it also seems to make the deliberately ambiguous ending even more ambiguous: does the emoticon couple get together? I say they do; J's daughter, in her charming, flattering version, seems to take the other side of the dollar. Which in Australia is a coin.]

11 June 2010

Fall River, Massachusetts

Springtime in the garden of Lizzie Borden.

10 June 2010
Plymouth, Massachusetts

Look down, you get Plymouth Rock. Look around, you get McKim, Mead and White. Look up, you get Guastavino tile. I've never been anyplace so...sousa.

9 June 2010
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Although I much prefer the Southern California beaches of my youth over anything I've seen the Atlantic offer, sometimes on solitary walks I figure: I'm not an amateur expert on horseshoe crabs, and it's only because we didn't have 'em.