23 July 2008

The bonus nuance of the Extra interview was that it wound up being shot in my room at the Beverly Hills Hilton, so our publicist booked me a suite, for size and industry-standard ostentation. If the camera were rotated 180 degrees, you'd see gaffer's tape holding the drapes closed and all of my belongings in mild disarray on the fluffy, comfortable bed.

20 July 2008
Beverly Hills, California

This was midway down the red carpet at the NBC 2008 All-Star Party, where my co-host Bar was obviously doling out a whopping share of the glamour. I took out my camera just long enough to document the gauntlet (see below), and then went back to being debonair and unnoticed. The PR lady behind Bar is holding up a foamcore sign with her client's name and TV project written on in, because that's how these things are done.


19 July 2008

Napa Valley, California

This was my third year back at the Taste3 Conference, and I missed the presence of Robert Mondavi---especially his awesome, totemic head and great shirts. The man was the suavest wheelchair passenger I've ever seen, with a constant straw going from his lips to a ruby glass of Cabernet.

Fog blowers like this one are positioned throughout the vineyards in Napa Valley. Because apparently sometimes you want fog on your grapes, but at other times, you absolutely don't want fog. Something about freezing dew.

I ditched most of the after-party and wandered off into the vineyards, finally getting to the foothills, the mockingbirds and the oak trees. Thanks, bench.

18 July 2008
Napa Valley, California

Zoetrope loops from the Rubicon Estate collection.

8 July 2008

Chez Hilfiger

The TV project I just finished writing is all about American icons. So I was particularly pleased, on our final location, to have a production manager ask me which of Tommy Hilfiger's Andy Warhols I wanted hanging over the Wurlitzer. Muhammad Ali? John Wayne? Mickey Mouse? I chose the Liz Taylor (it's small) and put a little James Brown on the jukebox for our billiards scene. Tommy won, by one ball, and I very prudently didn't mind: you don't beat a man at pool in his own mansion.

5 July 2008
Greenwich, Connecticut

Apparently there are still such things to sit on, on front porches, in front of general stores. But who knew it'd be the Nutmeg State? Thanks, box.

4 July 2008

New York > rooftop > skyline > iPhone > download > crop tool > upload.