18-22 July 2010

San Sebastian, Bilbao, Barcelona: Spain

16 July 2010
Oxford, England

The third-best conversation I had at TEDGlobal this year was not the one that started: "Have you seen Oliver Cromwell's death mask?"

8 July 2010

St. Albans, England

The legendary Wallingford astronomical clock in St. Albans Cathedral has been recreated with great care, and with gold sticky stars.

5 July 2010

Gozo, Malta

This is the oldest free-standing structure in the world? Older than Stonehenge? Older than the Pyramids? Wow. I took a picture of the backside because: serious fort-building skills.

4 July 2010

First of all: a Semitic language in Europe? Go Maltese. But as for the sign itself, you don't even see it until you're actually on the roof, so whatever.

2 July 2010
London, England

Dropped by to pay my respects to Charles II, the guy who named New York. The Carlsberg bottle is a cheeky touch but it's a good fit for the Merry Monarch.