27 July 2012

Rip Van Winkle, the Catskills

26 July 2012

Hunter Mountain, New York

The peak of Hunter Mountain hosts New York's highest fire lookout tower. There's a lean-to about two miles away where I spent the night, as did Justin, apparently, judging by his registration book entry. I particularly like that he put a hyphen in "jackknife"...

26 July 2012

Prattsville, New York

Zadock Pratt was a congressman who was proud of quite a few things: his horses, his tannery and his work reducing postage rates. He was so proud, he hired stonecutters to carve a document of his life into Pratt Rock, "New York's Mount Rushmore." I've included the carving of his horse, which I think has more appeal than the carving for the Bureau of Statistics.

25 July 2012

Devil's Tombstone Campground, New York

When I camp I follow the traditional code: Take only photographs, leave only footprints.

And sometimes I only take photographs of footprints which is, like, next-level.

25 July 2012

Kingston, New York

This is the Old Dutch Church in Kingston, which was New York's first capital. Its steeple is said to be haunted by a hobgoblin. See on the clock face where the broken XII looks like it used to say XIII? Yep--that's the hobgoblin.

July 12 2012