26 August 2007

My stats page

Gives me a monthly list of visitors who have grabbed photos or images from shopliftwindchimes.com and then posted them on their own website or MySpace profile, etc. (Nobody ever asks permission or gives credit, if you’re wondering. Do you ever ask permission or give credit? Yeah—me neither.)

This picture (from 1 April 2006) is usually the most popular. Sometimes people use it as their profile pic when they’re on vacation, or when they’re feeling particularly casual. This month—nothing.

This pic (from 8 August 2005) is my second-favorite grab of the month, used as a repeating background by daemonxblaze on his or her YouTube account. Go ahead and click over, and watch that crazy “goddamned lucky!” vid.

But this grab (from 6 September 2006) is my all-time favorite. “Teens with Lyme disease?” “Ticks and tick-borne diseases?” Crap, I wish I had made that up. Click here to have a look.

13 August 2007

Austin, Texas

On the left is my buddy Buddy; on the right is Buddy’s buddy Danny. In front of them is the Oracle of the Top Floor; below them is the rest of the Hyatt Hotel.

Buddy was the 2004 and 2005 Individual World Poetry Slam champion. Danny, in this picture, is about 18 hours away from becoming the youngest person to win the Individual National Poetry Slam. I don’t compete anymore—I was just there for the photo ops and the 0400 PB&J sandwiches.

04 August 2007

Princeton, New Jersey

The “Big Cannon” was buried in Cannon Green on the Princeton campus to thwart students from rival Rutgers, who kept stealing it. Which is a definite old school prank—because it happened in 1840.

02 August 2007
Columbus, Ohio

Mouse the monkey for a comparison.
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