29 September 2008

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25 September 2008

Lisbon, Portugal

I'm in Lisbon with an international ad agency making a Romanian television commercial for a French telecom company. Which is not something I've done before. And--I learned the words for "makeup and wardrobe" in Portuguese.

This was my first-ever crowd scene. The girl in pink, Margarida, interacts with me but everybody else just has to pretend like that stoplight isn't a prop and that bush in the foreground is a living thing.

This was my view from the back seat of a fake taxi. It wasn't my first car-mounted camera--in fact, it was my third--but it was my first-ever police escort. Not too grand a motorcade, just a motorcycle cop in the front and another in the rear, but we needed one long take so: no red lights for the poet.

This boy plays me as a boy. The blonde hair is a dead ringer, and the outfit is probably close enough, but they pretty much filmed him just running around and kicking sand. I would've pushed for some science-minded scrutiny of limpets, crabs and/or sandpiper feathers, for accuracy, but this is Lisbon, not Zuma.

This actress plays my mom. She wasn't too wild about the dress they put her in, but I figure that's more of a commentary on what a Portuguese wardrobe supervisor in 2008 imagines a middle-class American woman (with a science-minded son) would wear in California in the 1970's, right? I mean--it's not an actual diss on my mom. Right?

My final scene was my weirdest. The camera crew is up in the balcony and those extras in the front rows are being given precise instructions on how to spontaneously give me a standing ovation. I'm about to step in front of that megawatt light bank and just...take it. Eleven times.

22 September 2008

Lisbon, Portugal (mouseover)


This is a public restroom by the Vasco da Gama Bridge. I liked the gender graphic, but I got sidetracked much longer by the muddy soccer ball impressions on the side of the building. You can see one on the far left of this picture, and mouseover the image for a particularly fine example that I found around the corner. I wonder if there's anybody out there like my hero, Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley, but for soccer ball impressions.

11 September 2008

Lincoln Center, NYC

Courtside at the Spring Fashion Show.

6 September 2008

Lynchburg, Tennessee

This is how you luncheon, in the Methodist church, on a weekday, which is one way to know that it's a weekday.

This is how you attract wildlife to the window sill, except in wintertime, when the sugar water freezes, which is one way to know that it's wintertime.

This is what you ignore on the town square if you live here, which is one way to know that you live here.

This is where you rest for a spell, with the cicadas, the lawn and the petunias, which is one way to know that there are fireflies.

(Thank you swing.)

1 September 2008
Barcelona, Spain