27 September 2009
Governor's Island, NYC

Excavated statue from a failed and buried snow globe factory that once occupied the island, employing dozens. Or hundreds. Or whatever.

25 September 2009

Hudson-Fulton Monument, Yonkers, New York

21 September 2009

Stockbridge, Massachusetts

"Stockbridge is the best of America, the best of New England," is what Norman Rockwell had to say, and he should know. Anyway, his studio was there and his museum is there now so you can visit both, if you're into that kind of thing. And you will be.

Daniel Chester French (see my August 27 entry below) had railroad tracks installed in his studio so that he could wheel out his monumental sculptures and scrutinize them in full sunlight (mouseover the pic for a vintage example).


20 September 2009


Connecticut Antique Machinery Association

When the guy who really needs the thing gets the thing he really needs.

20 September 2009

13 September 2009

New Orleans, Louisiana

Statuary in zoos versus statuary in the wild.

12 September 2009