25 September 2010

Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

One highlight of TEDxPhoenixville was that it took place in the theater where "The Blob" was filmed. One public highlight. There were others.

19 September 2010
Dillon Beach, California

I was minding my own business, buying camping supplies at the only grocery store in town, when I saw this statue and wondered: "When exactly is International Talk Like a Pirate Day again?" Quick check of the smart phone: Bam.

18 September 2010
Santa Rosa, California

This is the men's room door at the Charles Schulz Museum. Check out the Snoopy Labyrinth on the grounds outside. Mornings of the summer solstice the sun rises directly on Snoopy's nose.

18 September 2010
Santa Rosa, California

This is looking into the greenhouse of Luther Burbank. To the left is a safe where Burbank kept his seeds. Yeah--Luther Burbank's seeds, can you imagine?

17 September 2010

Sugarloaf State Park, California

16 September 2010

Glen Ellen, California

For my eighth birthday I got a blue skateboard, a baby brother and the collected works of Jack London. Later that week I learned the word paroxysm, which London used in at least three stories. Irresistible. That and stuff like: The dominant primordial beast was strong in Buck...

13 September 2010