25 September 2012

Seattle, Washington

Yesler Way was the original Skid Row--literally a "skid road" that lumberjacks used to haul timber down to Henry Yesler's sawmill near what is today Pioneer Square, way back before it had a pergola or a totem pole.

22 September 2012

Alki Point, Washington

Seattle was once: New York. The pioneers who established the village that would become Seattle, Washington, were big optimists. They named their new settlement "New York Alki," from a Chinook word meaning "someday." That's not the reason for the Statue of Liberty replica though--a nationwide Boy Scouts campaign in the 1950s erected her, just down the beach from where the original (white) settlers landed.

20 September 2012

Seattle, Washington

The streets of Seattle have manhole covers inside manhole covers.

15 September 2012

Staten Island, New York

The southernmost point of Staten Island is also New York City's southernmost point, and New York state's. Hence the pole. I took this photo at high noon but if you're into astronomy and triangulating coordinates and shadows and whatnot--you already knew that.

September 11, 1776