31 October 2006

Best. Movie. Ever

Here at last: ON A DAY LIKE ANY OTHER, the fourth installment in the stop-motion potato series, made exclusively for shopliftwindchimes.com by the filmmaker “Anonymous". (His three previous films are viewable here: THE ITCH, THAT’LL TEACH YOU, and CONFIDENCE TRICK.)


So now I’m just going to say this once: ON A DAY LIKE ANY OTHER is my favorite three minutes in the history of minutes. (And I know three minutes.)

Click HERE to play. And Happy Halloween.

30 October 2006

Chapter Two of the interactive story Two Doors, Down
is now on-line, if you’re into that

To continue where the story last left off, CLICK HERE.

To start from the story’s beginning, click the righthand windchimes on my homepage, or CLICK HERE.

*Note: every time a new chapter is posted, the preceding chapters are also altered. Sometimes a lot.

29 October 2006

About that last post . . .

Reader “dalafferty” writes in to mention: If you type norman rockwell cub scout slide show into Google Images, all but the first of 82 pics are…specialized. Compromised. From apple pie to underbelly in one plausibly deniable little click.

28 October 2006

Oh what a tangled

What is possibly the wholesomest possible picture of a boy in the whole wide Web? Right—that one over there on the left, and I needed it for a project. A genuine, uncreepy project. So I typed norman rockwell cub scout can’t wait into Google Images, clicked on the highest-res result and…well, I lost a bit of my innocence.

Lose some for yourself RIGHT HERE (it’s the 800 x 1128 pic).

25 October 2006
Since I’m getting all hyperlink on you…

Maybe you’ve seen the balls. Maybe you’ve seen the the building. The behind-the-scenes. But the Colour Launcher game?

Just go HERE.

24 October 2006

YouTube for Scholars, Question 1

Does the Pink Floyd album Dark Side of the Moon really synch up uncannily with The Wizard of Oz?

This example truly captures the essence of YouTube for Scholars: the time-saving; the satisfaction. You don’t have to rent the movie, buy the album, or even get totally baked with your friends at a party. Just CLICK HERE and peruse for yourself.

20 October 2006

The Week That Was
Or: How I tried to beat last year’s Def Poetry Jam taping week in the main categories of: [A] Good showerheads (beat it),
[B] Cities-in-a-row (beat it) and [C] Glamour (oh, beat it)

Anyway, last week was ages ago, and half a dozen naps by now. But for the record, the whole thing kicked off with a gig at the Bellagio, which is a hotel in Las Vegas, which is a city in Nevada, which is an island off the coasts of Utah, Arizona, and Los Angeles.

I made a video (40 seconds) of the famous Bellagio fountain, and I sped it up—a lot—to see how steady I really hold a camera, and so you won’t have to listen to the entire Pink Panther Theme. Click HERE for the flick.


In the middle of the trip I did nonstop stuff. I taped for Season Six of HBO’s Def Poetry Jam (my fourth time on); I sat around a fire pit in Napa on the night before the grape harvest with the president of CBS and wondered why his shoes weren’t more exclusive; I was given erotic origami as a good luck charm; I got a tour of a man-made cavern/dungeon; and I woke up in the guest room of someone who once carried that 5-ringed Olympic flag into an Olympic stadium.

And I didn’t kill an owl. Which I had done before (not kill an owl). It reminded me of the first time I didn’t kill an owl, back when I was thirteen and bow hunting with my friend Jim in the abandoned outdoor set of the TV series The Little House on the Prairie. All those log cabins were actually constructed out of corrugated tin painted to look like log cabins, but the point is: we saw a big old owl and didn’t kill it.


The supertrip wrapped up bizarrely at the world’s largest annual marketing convention in San Francisco. I made a sped-up video (1 minute) of this spectacle as well, but to truly understand my mindset—my vision—you need to imagine the Moscone Convention Center as Level Four of The Inferno, and those two guys on the escalator as Virgil (on the left) and Dante. Van Morrison is on the soundtrack, the Prince of Darkness is unsettlingly all-white, with a spatula, and I traverse the entire terrain diagonally, with no cuts, from the Gates of Hell to the loading dock, which represents another Level, or possibly rebirth, but anyway: I was immediately asked to leave.

Click HERE for the flick.

15 October 2006
Market Street

San Francisco—Sunday.

14 October 2006
World-class storyteller
Isabel Allende’s bookcase


13 October 2006
Quintessa Winery harvest

Napa Valley—Friday.

12 October 2006
Drying my suit/rental car

Los Angeles—Thursday.

11 October 2006
Def Poetry Jam Green Room

New York—Wednesday.

10 October 2006
Bellagio Green Room

Las Vegas—Tuesday.

06 October 2006

YouTube for Scholars, Question 2

Can you talk your way out of a ticket?

Because convicted murderer Richard McNair escaped from a maximum-security prison one morning last April, and then a few hours later he had THIS CONVERSATION.

04 October 2006

NEW: Couple of poems, “Annie” and “Glaucoma,” are now up in the Videos section. Both are from my set with my brother at the Nuyorican last Friday night.

03 October 2006

YouTube for Scholars, Question 3

Which do you hit REPLAY for more:

The Zapruder tape of the Kennedy assassination HERE

…or Vince Carter’s insane dunk over that French player at the 2000 Olympics right HERE?

And what does that say about you?

By the way: does Carter’s celebration after that basket look uncannily like Paul Pfeiffer’s art video installation Fragment of a Crucifixion (After Francis Bacon), 1999 to you? Yeah, me too. Weird, isn’t it?