01 October 2007

September Search Terms

Here are my 14 favorite Search Terms That Users Typed Into Search Engines, According To My Stats Page, To Wind Up At My Site, Whether They Wanted To Or Not:

14. “poem about superwoman syndrome”
13. “little monkeys slam poetry”
12. “john jacob astor and wet nurse”
11. “fish gigs in missouri”
10. “hillbilly wind chimes”
9. “poetri about romans”
8. “gravesite of charles bronson”
7. “meditation while staring at the navel”
6. “ceramic humping turtles”
5. “french toast canadian performance poet”
4. “george bush masking tape arrow”
3. “lion pineal gland”
2. “staff from blue caps llama farm brought”

and my favorite-of-the-month search term:

1. “talk to people that shoplift for the first time”

04 October 2007

Travel. Money. Firearms:


10 October 2007

Manhattan (mouseover)


14 October 2007

Toy & Miniature Museum — Kansas City, Missouri

23 October 2007

La Jolla, California (mouseover)


25 October 2007

Hartford, Connecticut (mouseover)


31 October 2007
And then it happened!

I made my first-ever pop-up in fifth grade, for a Halloween story. The scanner has flattened it out a bit here, but all the little tombstones are bent back over their glue tabs, so the paper still has pretty good memory. I remember prepping everything upright, especially the arms, just before I handed it in. My teacher Mr. Borax was kind and fun, which you can see if you mouseover the image. He also taught me (off the record) how to use a semicolon, but he hadn’t done that yet by Halloween. I know this because there’s not a single semicolon in this entire story.