24 October 2010

Kittyhawk, North Carolina

23 October 2010

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

They moved this whole lighthouse? Half a mile? Really? Really. And why a spiral paint job? Because red, white, checkerboard and striped were taken.

22 October 2010

Raleigh, North Carolina

Along with cigar store Indians you had cigar store Sir Walter Raleighs, which makes sense.

21 October 2010

Pinehurst, North Carolina

Famous golf courses make superb nighttime walks. This is the driving range for the storied No. 2, with rocking chairs for resting, or heckling I guess.

15 October 2010

Dallas, Texas

Warming up the charismatic stage of the Wyly Theatre a few minutes before show time, TEDxSMU.

12 October 2010


10 October 2010
Penn State U, Pennsylvania

An international center for research in frozen confections? It's not why I went but it's the reason I got in line, multiple times.

5 October 2010
Coronado, California

I've been living outside of Cali for half a decade now, but I can still tell a plover from a sandpiper, if you know what I mean.