30 October 2011

The Bronx, NYC

What's more fucked-up: a pumpkin-guts zombie or...snow before Halloween? Either way, it's happening to the heaviest pumpkin in the world at the New York Botanical Garden.

9 October 2011

From the in-box


I'm sure you get this constantly but I wanted to show you my newest tattoo inspired by your piece, "Kite". Part of me feels a little foolish showing it to you but what the hey! --J

Wow, looks like we have a new title holder in the Hardcore Kite Poem Tattoo Division (Gal Category anyway--I can't decide whether this J may have topped the J from last February. Mouseover the image to compare for yourself.).

I'll go ahead and take credit for the tape-and-paper kite on J's left forearm. But the words on J's right forearm, which are also from my poem, were originally by il miglior fabbro: this guy.

2 October 2011

Manhattan, NYC

Lining up for the Feast of St. Francis "Blessing of the Animals" at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.