02 November 2007

I decided to put “digital voice recorder” and “fake blood” on my expense report. The mascara? Borrowed it.

16 November 2007

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I didn’t know it at the time, but this shot—which I call Naked Torsos and Birdcages—would go on to provide a theme for my whole mini-tour through the American Midwest. And it should be the title for whatever bootleg recordings are out there. (That’s my only request. You kooks know who you are.)

I took this pic at an arts and crafts fair that hadn’t quite been set up yet in the main hall of the Milwaukee Art Museum (hit the link, it’s hot). Seconds later, a security guard asked me to leave, which means that now I can check another lifelong ambition off my list: I’ve been kicked out of a Calatrava.

17 November 2007
Madison gig graffiti

Madison, Wisconsin, is different from Providence, Rhode Island, in that Madison was built on an isthmus, and Otis Redding died in a nearby lake.

18 November 2007
Racine, Wisconsin

Frequent readers of this blog will know that I have three abiding passions: hot showers, pictures of bathrooms, and the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany (click here for my November 2006 blog entry about his gravestone). So when I learned that the Racine Masonic Temple, with its famous stained-glass shower cupola, would be open for one day only—I made the obvious detour.

19 November 2007
Chicago, Illinois

108 days is probably the shortest span of time I’ve ever spent between visiting a topiary interpretation of a Post-Impressionist painting, and seeing the painting itself. (Scroll down for my August 2 post from Columbus, Ohio.)

30 November 2007

November Search Terms

Here are my 14 favorite Search Terms That Users Typed Into Search Engines, According To My Stats Page, To Wind Up At My Site, Whether They Wanted To Or Not:

14. “thick white girls”
13. “giant skeletons”
12. “poem about a super woman”
11. “freshly crushed legs”
10. “soy el emperador de las naranjas hoy”
9. “movie stars with tourettes”
8. “mrs. tedesco shoplifting”
7. “bathroom wind chimes”
6. “googol snowing”
5. “sanitation trucks”
4. “sex dokey with his female”
3. “mind out of the gutter etymology”
2. “dreaming about a stairwell”

and my favorite-of-the-month search term:

1. “boy pooping violently”