14 November 2009

Matara, Sri Lanka

I met the Sri Lankan Quasimodo. Thilak is stationed in the head of the Vevurukannala Buddha statue, the country's largest. He shows supplicants how to make offerings and peer through the sacred Buddha's third eye. When business is slow he hangs out on the balcony and stares down at a nearby veranda where traditional dance rehearsal is going strong.

So does he have a favorite dancer? He must. Everybody does. Everybody good does, even at that distance.


12 November 2009


11 November 2009
Colombo-Galle train, Sri Lanka

10 November 2009
Colombo, Sri Lanka

8 November 2009
Bangalore, India

This is how the Taj West End Hotel does Do Not Disturb. There's a green tassel as well, for Disturb obviously, but I didn't have a chance to deploy it.

5 November 2009

Infosys Campus, India

That Epcot-looking structure arches over the theater where the TED magic happened. The concrete theater roof is on the right. It really would be a superb place for a picnic, minus the security guard.

3 November 2009


Mysore, India