24 November 2010
Boonville, California

I japed there on a sunnies expecting a bahl sharkin' or at least a harpin' tidrick but nobody boonts anymore--leastways not with a Brightlighter.

20 November 2010

Palo Alto, California

Specific shoutouts to the students who nailed a "Where did you get that scar?" story, a "My parents don't know..." story or an impromptu song or dance or skit or foreign greeting or spot-on recital of a poem about plums.

18 November 2010

San Francisco, California

I don't often post my panoramic landscape pics but the vista from Buena Vista Park really is buena. Plus, it's the oldest park in San Francisco, the horticulture is gawk-worthy and I notice I snapped this shot from the identical vantage as the picture on Wikipedia. Although I have the moon.

17 November 2010
Las Vegas, Nevada

My favorite Las Vegas moment ever was having the Wynn Hotel swimming pool and gardens all to myself after hours. Thank you, cool guard.

11 November 2010

One reason I prefer hosting TEDx youth events (see November 20 above) is that a panel discussion never breaks out. But the day was solid and my man Raghava KK kept it real and emphatic, per usual.