19 November 2011

Remember the last time you co-hosted 350 screamingly geniusly hotshots at the first-ever TED Conference for young people? Meeeeeee two.

9 November 2011
San Francisco, California

The Mission District has flowerpots all over its sidewalks, even the steep ones. My walks are longer, even the steep ones.

6 November 2011

Los Angeles, California

Just before doors open for the Drums Inside Your Chest show at Largo. The screen is for me (thanks, guys) and the standing mic is for a badass lineup of poets, including Mayda Del Valle, Corrina Bain, Jack McCarthy and my all-time favorite live poet: Matt Cook. The rest of the gear is for musician Emily Wells, who didn't perform her cover of Biggie's "Juicy" but did perform this.

4 November 2011

Los Angeles, California

Hey, look at that: back at the school that kicked me out. I was there for a shoot. I flew from New York to pretend that Westwood was Yankee Stadium.

2 November 2011

Manhattan, NYC

Behind the clock face at the Clock Tower Building on Broadway, downtown. The clock is showing about 18 minutes before 9 but the real time is an hour later. Daylight Savings happened a few days early here because New York City's clockmaster only makes his rounds on Wednesdays.