31 December 2009

Dear Rives,

In excitement a few moments ago I visited shopliftwindchimes.com in search of your email address so that I could send you these photographs of a kite I constructed for my friend C. as a fun and (I thought) very original Christmas present -- and was floored to find your very recent post which features just such a fantastic gift made by another very creative fan.

Well, you can't be first at everything, right? I've attached the photos anyway, if you're interested in seeing them, because the kite was a labour of love.

Happy New Year,
J.C. -- Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

30 December 2009

Dear Rives,

As a present for my recent 18th birthday, my best friend, knowing I loved your poetry surprised me with a brown paper bag and wire coat hanger Kite of my own. I thought you would appreciate these pictures.

M.G. -- Melbourne, Australia

19 December 2009


11 December 2009


7 December 2009
San Francisco, California

5 December 2009
Springville, California

This guy. This guy right here. This was the guy.

4 December 2009
Highway 152, California