25 December 2010

Marve Village, India

Jesus? Check. Mary? Check. Joseph? Check. Cellophane skyscrapers? Got 'em right here... The shepherd boy appears to have just gotten off the Churchgate-Boravali local train and is now walking because it's possibly quicker and certainly safer than an auto rickshaw. Godspeed, Shepherd Boy. And your lamb.

20 December 2010

Sanjay Gandhi National Park, India

14 December 2010

Mumbai, India

It's how I roll. It's how Mumbai rolls. Millions of locals on inestimable trains. Just one way Mumbai differs from its sister city Los Angeles--my hometown. But the snowfall in December is exactly the same.

10 December 2010

Lavasa, India

When I shouted out the artist Raghava KK in my November 11 entry (see below) I had no idea he'd be painting me less than a month later. Now if I can just get him to show me the "naughty naughty" version of my portrait that he says the INK organizers rejected.

9 December 2010

Lavasa, India

The previously unidentified Trespasser Moth, my mascot.

8 December 2010

Lavasa, India

Lavasa is colorful, under construction and patrolled by dogs.