31 December 2012

Brooklyn, NYC

26 December 2012
Washington D.C.

This was my favorite sculpture at the Corcoran Gallery. That's a Venus Pudica under there, which I find amusing.

25 December 2012

Washington D.C.

These casters were added by the sculptor to the chair of Franklin Delano Roosevelt after his memorial was completed, in response to protests.

1 December 2012
Dallas, Texas

A few months ago (September 22) I wrote about the Boy Scouts campaign in the late 1950s to erect miniature Statue of Liberty replicas in cities and towns across the United States. My first one, at Alki Point, Washington, overlooks the Puget Sound. My second one, at the State Fairgrounds in Dallas, overlooks...a parking lot (mouse over the photo for a comparison). So anyway: now I've nabbed two.